Vice Pack XL- Peanut Butter Cups

Vice Pack XL - Peanut Butter Cups

Vice Pack XL’s contain Eight (8) Half gram pre rolled joints that consist of Vice Farms Premium Indoor Full flower and sugar leaf mixture. Each Vice pack XL contains one (1) Boveda humidity control pack to keep your flower fresher longer.

About Us
Vice Farms - Excellence in Cannabis Cultivation

Welcome to Vice Farms

At Vice Farms, where excellence in cannabis cultivation is our signature. As a vertically integrated powerhouse, we're known for our premium products and innovative approaches. Discover why Vice Farms shines as the top choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

Unmatched Cultivation Standards

At Vice Farms, we hold ourselves to the highest cultivation standards. Our skilled growers tend to each plant meticulously, employing state-of-the-art techniques and cutting-edge technology. From seed to harvest, our passion for excellence ensures the development of potent and flavorful strains that stand out from the crowd.

Exquisite Strain Selection

Diversity defines Vice Farms. Our curated collection offers a range of unique strains with distinct characteristics and effects. Whether you're after an energizing sativa or a soothing indica, our extensive selection satisfies every preference. Explore the diverse flavors, aromas, and potency levels that make Vice Farms a cannabis connoisseur's paradise.

Commitment to Sustainability

As stewards of the land, Vice Farms is committed to sustainable practices. From water conservation to renewable energy, we prioritize the health of our planet. With every Vice Farms product, you can enjoy top-quality cannabis knowing it was cultivated with care for both you and the environment.

Lab-Tested Excellence

Quality and safety are paramount at Vice Farms. We subject our products to rigorous lab testing, ensuring potency, purity, and consistency. Trust in our commitment to delivering a reliable and enjoyable experience, free from harmful contaminants.

Rooted in Community

Vice Farms is deeply connected to our community. We believe in the power of cannabis to foster connections and well-being. Through partnerships with local organizations and active engagement in community initiatives, we strive to make a positive impact beyond cultivation and distribution.

Check Out Vice Farms Today

Experience the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation at Vice Farms. Our dedication to excellence, diverse strain selection, sustainable practices, rigorous testing, and community involvement set us apart. Elevate your cannabis journey and discover the finest products that nature and expertise can offer!

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